Types of Job Profiles

20 Jul 2016

The various types of job profiles in the IT industry – a guide

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With technology changing almost every day, the IT industry has gone through a complete face lift in the last few years, and so has each and every job in the IT sector. Various new job types have sprung up, giving rise to employment opportunities for the youth. Many old job profiles have merged to form new ones as a result of technological advancements. With this ever changing trend, keeping tabs on the changing job profiles in today’s IT industry has become quite difficult, even for the biggest IT moguls. Let us now look at some of the most important job profiles currently in existence in the modern IT world. Read on to find out more.

Business Intelligence, Database Administration and Development

Employees working under this job profile, such as Data Warehouse Manager, Database Analyst, Data Management Director, Database Report Writer, Data Architect, etc. have proper knowledge of managing, storing, applying and interpreting data as and when needed.

Technical Analysts

These analytical experts such as Business Data Analysts, Information Technology Auditors, Application System Analysts, Quality Control Analysts, Business Systems Analysts etc. work in the departments for evaluation of existing hardware, data, applications, etc. and provide detailed reports as to the requisite enhancements and changes.

Enterprise System Integration and Analysis

Various IT companies spend millions of dollars to update their ERP systems, and hire the finest experts in this field, such as ERP analysts, operating systems programmer, systems architect, ERP project manager, CRM specialist, SAP project manager, etc. to take care of this very particular branch of work, and departments associated with it.

System or network administration and design

Each and every IT company deals with both external as well as internal customers, who expect perfect network and system related services. For this very reason, professional experts like Messaging Engineer, Network Control Technician, Network Administrator, Enterprise Infrastructure Architect, System Administrator etc. are hired to assist clients with all their .NET, Java, and GIS related problems and services.

Software or Programming Engineering

Various programming experts such as, Applications Systems Architect, Software Architect, Software Quality Assurance Analyst, Applications Engineer etc. help in programming, coding, designing and maintaining a variety of software either for their company’s clients, or as independent developers.

Technical assistance

Only fully functional and working software, hardware and systems are an asset to a certain company. To maintain this very working status, IT companies hire professionals like Technical Support Analyst, Computer Operator, LAN Administrator, Help Desk Supervisor, WAN Administrator etc. to take care of their clients.

Web Administration and Development

Keeping up a proper web presence is extremely important for any company nowadays. For this very purpose, companies hire IT and marketing companies who deal with this sort of work. These hired companies in turn, affiliate with experts like GUI Programmers, Web Masters, Web App Developers, Content Engineers etc. to help the clients maintain a stable web presence.

Content Writing

Similar to maintaining a web presence, having valid content on a website is also important. That is why IT companies employ Web Editors, Technical Writers and Trainers, Documentation Specialists etc. to assist the clients update content on their websites.