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5 Mar 2016

Top ten reasons why someone should learn Java

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It is well said that every language which exists now is the complete modification of other language. Java is much matured language and provides enormous powerful features which makes software development much easier when compared with languages.

The idea was introduced by James Gosling, Java in the year 1995 that survived vicissitudes of technology and time and yet reigns supreme in realm of the programming languages. While it was the first deterred, Java has also garnered the complete attention of business community. Several programming languages also have been inspired by this and have also crept quite slowly in the market, but Java domain still stands to be expanding and intact. There are several reasons for phenomenal interest among community of programmers to learn and master Java.

  1. The problems of C++ are eliminated in Java

Java dispelled the key problem of pointers and C/C++. Though the pointer is highly powerful mechanism, it also has bad reputation for injecting bugs in code unless one is quite careful during coding. In this specific age of the rush, there is obvious trend to create code which is incredibly productive while decreasing the maintenance headache. Java also seems to deliver need of age.

  1.  A Competent Custodian

Java has its own collector of garbage. It means that programmers shouldn’t worry about dangling reference of the objects during coding. Neither does it have complete headache of precisely deallocating the memory once object reference moves out of the scope.

  1. Wish Tree, You just need to Ask What You require

What kind of application you require? Java possibly has the framework for it! Do you require a desktop application? In case its a yes, so you can also use JavaFX and Java Swing. Do you require the online web and the application for enterprise? You may even use Servlet or JSP EJB. Moreover, do you require the application of database? You can even use the JDBC, Hibernate and many more. The list of the application kinds is about unending. In a way, Java is also known to be affluent; it is quite rich in offering almost need of programmer.

  1.   Flourishing Community

There is enormous community that is Java-centric to assist programmer in any need in mission critical conditions. Blogs, code snippets, articles, name them. Bear in mind the kind of help wizard which pops up for Windows, are you quite eager to offer suggestions and hints? The community of Java has built several wizards. Intrinsically, programmers are basically the breed of the trouble seekers, usually looking for some great ideas, and problems which also excites grey cells and that are eager to assist, offer recommendations to each other through various forums and blogs etc.

  1.  Assistance at Large

It is well said that Java is rich in various API documentation, tutorials, concept articles and sample codes. Apart from this, though there are various books that are available to cover nook and corner of the Java. Several of these are downloadable freely. Although, not a perfect way to learn, the belief is that if documentation, article and tutorial is also followed correctly it is quite easy to learn Java.

  1.  Large number of job opportunities awaits a Java programmer

A good java programmer is always considered to be an asset to any software company. Immense number of job opportunities await a fully trained and talented java programmer.

  1.  Write Just Once and Run Anywhere

The Java compiler never create executable file, rather it creates a code known as bytecode that is half compiled. It is given to JVM installed on the platform.

  1. IDE and Tools

IDE is available for proficient coding of Java such as Eclipse, Jdeveloper and Netbeans. There seems a race to outsmart each other with regard to availability of different features. Programmers get best benefit and get excited when a new feature gets added to favourite IDE.

 9. Miles to Go

The communities of Java never stop modification and enhancement. It is also open to suggestion but even open for contribution and participation.

 10. Vital 3 Pillars

Java succeeded large extent to create balance between speed, portability and security. Many of their predecessors usually failed in such aspect.


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