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Our Approach to your Success

ABC for JAVA and TESTING is aware of what the industry requires. Hence, our integrated training is tailor made to transform every talent admitted to ABC to a industry ready Professional. Check out our curriculum and contact us for admissions.


Core Java

The Core Java part of the unified course covers the following modules – Java Basics, Object Orientation, Naming Conventions in Java, Data types in java, Working of loops, Types of Assignment, Type of variables in Java, Arrays in Java, String in Java, ,Methods, Class members, Constructors, Inheritance, Abstract classes, Interfaces and packages.

Advanced Java

The Advanced Java part of the unified course covers the following modules – Exception handling, I/O, Files, Serialization, Networking in Java, Multi-threading, Generics, Collections and new features in JDK 1.8.


The J2EE part of the unified course covers the following modules – J2EE overview, J2EE architecture, Introduction to J2EE Components, Structure of J2EE Application, Packaging and deploying J2EE applications, JDBC, Servlets, JSPs and MVC architecture.

Manual testing

The Manual Testing part of the unified course covers the following modules – Introduction, Software Development Life Cycle, Testing Methodology, Levels of Testing, Environments, Software Development Models, Types of Testing, Software Testing Life Cycle, Test Development, Test Execution, Bug Tracking and Reporting, Test Closure Activity, Real Time Process Awareness with Terminology, Test metrics and Ways of Testing.


The HTML and SQL part of the unified course covers HTML, Introduction to SQL, History of SQL, Tools, Terminologies used in SQL, Data types, Simple table creation, Basics on Data Insertion, Basic Select Statement, Writing SQL statement, Case sensitivity, Constraints, Arithmetic expressions, Column aliases, Concatenation operators, Comparison operators, Precedence, Distinct, Between , Not between, In, not In, Pattern matching using like, Escape sequence, Is null, is not null, Logical operators, Order by, Functions, Single row functions, Multi-row functions, Group by clause, Sub queries, Joins, Case, Decode, Exists, Translate, Special words, Dual, Rownum, Rowid, Data Definition Language (DDL), Create,

Database objects, Drop, Alter, Rename, Truncate, Data Manipulation Language (DML),Insert, Delete, Update, Merge, Transaction Control Language (TCL), Commit, Rollback, Savepoint, Data Control Language (DCL), Grant, Revoke, Queries, Simple Queries and Complex Queries.


The C-Aptitude part of the unified course covers the following modules – Declaration & Initialization, Floating Point issues, Control Instructions, Structure, Union, Enum, Functions, C Pre-processors, Pointers, Arrays, Strings, Expressions, Input/Output, Extern, Bitwise Operators, Typedef, Const, Static, Memory Allocation, Command Line Arguments, Variable no. of arguments and Complicated declarations.

General Aptitude

The General Aptitude part of the unified course covers the following modules – Problems on Train, Average, Chain rule, Calendar, Height & Distance, Time & Work, Permutation & Combination, Time & Distance, Probability, Profit & Loss, percentage, Boats & Streams, Problems on Age, Logical Problem, Statement & Arguments, Couse of Action, Essential Part, Theme Detection, Making Judgement, Matching Definitions, Verbal Reasoning, Classification, Cube, Logical Sequence of Works, Direction Sense Test, Verification of Truth, Arithmetic Reasoning, Syllogism, Classification, Grouping of Images, Spotting Errors and Closet Test.


The C-Programming part of the unified course covers an extensive list of commonly asked programs in interviews.

Soft Skills

The Soft Skills part of the unified course will cover Group discussion, Resume writing and HR Interview.