List of Placement Drives Conducted by ABC - 2014 Batch

List of placement drives from January 2014 to December 2014

Sl NoCompany NameSalary PackageVenueDateCriteria
1Good Through Software2.4 - 3 LakhsSJBIT22-JanNo Criteria
2Xsysys1.8 - 2.4 LakhsCompany Premises09-FebNo Criteria
3Mithi Software2.4 LakhsT.John15-FebNo Criteria
4Acropetal Technologies2.4 LakhsCompany Premises17-FebNo Criteria
5Hawkinformatics1.2 LakhsCompany Premises20-FebNo Criteria
6Mphasis2.5 LakhsSJBIT24-MarNo Criteria
7Amazon14.96 LakhsT.John29-MarNo Criteria
8Synchro Systech Pvt Ltd2.5 LakhsCompany Premises02-AprNo Criteria
9Razorthink3 LakhsCompany Premises1 & 3 AprNo Criteria
10Athena Health5 LakhsT.John05-AprNo Criteria
11Tech Active1.8 LakhsCompany Premises4,5,7,8,9,10 AprNo Criteria
12Good Through Software(2nd Drive)2.4 - 3 LakhsT.John9th AprNo Criteria
13Singapore InfoTech3.5 - 5 LakhsCompany Premises22-AprNo Criteria
14Health Asyst4 -5 LakhsCompany Premises23-AprNo Criteria
15Retail On2.4 LakhsT.John23-AprNo Criteria
16Quinnox2.7 LakhsSJBIT29-AprNo Criteria
17Zscaler3 LakhsSJBIT03-MayNo Criteria
18CMC2.7 LakhsSJBIT05-MayNo Criteria
19Flipkart2.15 LakhsSJBIT06-MayNo Criteria
20Microland2.4 LakhsSJCIT08-MayNo Criteria
21IBM2.2 LakhsSJBIT16-JunNo Criteria
22Optical Fusion1.8 LakhsCompany Premises16 & 17 JunNo Criteria
23Flipkart(2nd Drive)2.16 LakhsSJBIT18-JunNo Criteria
24IonIdea1.44 LakhsCompany Premises18-JunNo Criteria
25Nurture Software Solutions2.4 LakhsSJBIT19-JunNo Criteria
26Pramati Technologies3.3 LakhsCompany Premises20-JunNo Criteria
27Peol1.2 - 3 LakhsCompany Premises20-JunNo Criteria
28PNR Solutions3 LakhsCompany Premises21-JunNo Criteria
29Symphony2.4 LakhsSJBIT21-JunNo Criteria
30Metalcam2.2 LakhsSJBIT23-JunNo Criteria
31Tech Active(2nd Drive)1.8 LakhsCompany Premises24-JunNo Criteria
32Quinnox (2nd Drive)2.7 LakhsSJBIT26-JunNo Criteria
33Just Dial2.4 LakhsSJBIT27-JunNo Criteria
34Pramati Technologies(2nd Drive)3.3 LakhsCompany Premises28-JunNo Criteria
35Bit Order Technology1.8 LakhsABC Office30-JunNo Criteria
36L & T Technology Services3 LakhsSJBIT30-JunNo Criteria
37Avankia1.5 - 2.5 LakhsSJBIT02-JulNo Criteria
38Make Logics2.8 LakhsCompany Premises04-JulNo Criteria
39Health Asyst(2nd Drive)4 LakhsCompany Premises05-JulNo Criteria
40SLK Software2.2 LakhsCompany Premises12-JulNo Criteria
41Versatile Tech1.8 LakhsCompany Premises15-JulNo Criteria
42Global Edge2.8 LakhsCompany Premises17-JulNo Criteria
43Tycooz Technology2.4 LakhsCompany Premises18-JulNo Criteria
44Versatile Tech(2nd Drive)1.8 LakhsABC Office19-JulNo Criteria
45Fowie Info Global Solutions1.8 LakhsCompany Premises23-JulNo Criteria
46Telibrahma3.5 LakhsSJBIT24-JulNo Criteria
47Panama Technologies2.4 LakhsCompany Premises25-JulNo Criteria
48Retail On(2nd Drive)2.4 LakhsABC Office25-JulNo Criteria
49L & T Technology Services(2nd Drive)3 LakhsSJBIT26-JulNo Criteria
50Netsciptus3.2 LakhsCompany Premises27-JulNo Criteria
51Manthan Systems2.4 - 3 LakhsCompany Premises30-JulNo Criteria
52Informatica Business Solutions PVT LTDAbove 4 LakhsCompany Premises02-AugNo Criteria
53Versatile Tech(3rd Drive)1.8 LakhsCompany Premises05-AugNo Criteria
54360 Thoughts Digital Solutions1.2 LakhsCompany Premises06-AugNo Criteria
55Hexagon1.8 LakhsCompany Premises08-AugNo Criteria
56Happiestminds3.2 LakhsCompany Premises13-AugNo Criteria
57Pole To WinIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises18-AugNo Criteria
58Amber Road3 - 3.5 LakhsCompany Premises21-AugNo Criteria
59BOB Technologies1.4 LakhsCompany Premises22-AugNo Criteria
60ITC INFOTECH2.4 LakhsCompany Premises23-AugNo Criteria
61IonIdea(2nd Drive)2.4LakhsCompany Premises25-AugNo Criteria
62Blue Chip Computer ConsultantsĀ Pvt Ltd3 LakhsCompany Premises27-AugNo Criteria
63Market Xpander3 LakhsCompany Premises27-AugNo Criteria
64Fowie Info Global Solutions1.8 LakhsCompany Premises28-AugNo Criteria
65Cybrain Software Solutions1.5 LakhsCompany Premises28-AugNo Criteria
66Blue Chip Computer ConsultantsĀ Pvt Ltd(2nd Drive)3 LakhsCompany Premises01-SepNo Criteria
67Neurosynptic1.2 LakhsCompany Premises02-SepNo Criteria
68Versatile Tech(4th Drive)1.8 LakhsCompany Premises03-SepNo Criteria
69Pole To Win(2nd Drive)Industry Standard SalaryCompany Premises4 & 5 SeptNo Criteria
70Alchemy SolutionsIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises06-SepNo Criteria
71Headrun1.8 LakhsCompany Premises08-SepNo Criteria
72Aris Global1.9 LakhsREVA10-SepNo Criteria
73Nokia Solutions and Networks5 LakhsABC Office11-SepNo Criteria
74Nerve Centrex Software India Pvt Ltd1.8 LakhsCompany Premises11-SepNo Criteria
75Alchemy Solutions(For DELL)(2nd Drive)3.5 LakhsABC Office13-SepNo Criteria
76Mphasis (2nd Drive)2.5 LakhsJIT16-SepNo Criteria
77Pole To Win(3rd Drive)Industry Standard SalaryJIT17-SepNo Criteria
78Global Shiksha3.5 LakhsCompany Premises17-SepNo Criteria
79Alpha Matters2.1 LakhsABC Office18-SepNo Criteria
80Bit Order Technology (2nd Drive)Industry Standard SalaryABC Office19-SepNo Criteria
81Navigem2.1 LakhsABC Office20-SepNo Criteria
82Web Bazaar3.6 LakhsCompany Premises29 & 30 SeptNo Criteria
83WinX Solutions Pvt. Ltd.1.9 LakhsABC Office01-OctNo Criteria
84Novel Group3.2 LakhsCompany Premises07-OctNo Criteria
85Singapore InfoTech Pte. Ltd. (2nd Drive)3.5 - 5 LakhsCompany Premises07-OctNo Criteria
86Amplifi Commerce Solutions Pvt LTD2.5 LakhsCompany Premises09-OctNo Criteria
87Integra Micro Systems2.2 LakhsABC Office11-OctNo Criteria
88Happiestminds (2nd Drive)3 LakhsCompany Premises11-OctNo Criteria
89Celstream Technologies Pvt Ltd3.1 LakhsABC Office14-OctNo Criteria
90Sigma Aldrich3 LakhsCompany Premises16-OctNo Criteria
91Huawei Technologies2.8 LakhsABC Office17-OctNo Criteria
92Deltax2.5 - 3 LakhsABC Office18-OctNo Criteria
93Alchemy Solutions(For DELL)(3rd Drive)3.5 LakhsCompany Premises21-OctNo Criteria
94Avankia (2nd Drive)2 LakhsREVA29-OctNo Criteria
95Versatile Tech (5th Drive)1.8 LakhsCompany Premises30-OctNo Criteria
96Quinnox (3rd Drive)2.7 LakhsCambridge Institute01-NovNo Criteria
97IDS Software Solutions India Pvt LtdIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises04-NovNo Criteria
98Enzen Technologies Pvt Ltd2.1 LakhsCompany Premises08-NovNo Criteria
99Sigma InfosolutionsIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises12-NovNo Criteria
100Unisys Global ServicesIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises12-NovNo Criteria
101Pole To Win(4th Drive)Industry Standard SalaryCompany Premises13-NovNo Criteria
102Alchemy Solutions(247)(3rd Drive)4.5 - 5LakhsCompany Premises13-NovNo Criteria
103Celstream Technologies Pvt Ltd (2nd Drive)2.8 LakhsCompany Premises14-NovNo Criteria
104Informatica Business Solutions PVT LTD4 LakhsCompany Premises22-NovNo Criteria
105Just Dial4 LakhsCompany Premises25 & 26 NovNo Criteria
106Nanoheal2.5 LakhsCompany PremisesIn Pipe LineNo Criteria
107First American2.7 LakhsABC OfficeIn Pipe LineNo Criteria
108Therefore India3.2 LakhsABC OfficeIn Pipe LineNo Criteria
109LinktagIndustry Standard SalaryCompany PremisesIn Pipe LineNo Criteria
110Celstream Technologies Pvt Ltd (3rd Drive)2.8 LakhsCompany PremisesIn Pipe LineNo Criteria
111Evolvus Solutions1.8 LakhsCompany Premises01-DecNo Criteria
112Nanoheal2.5 LakhsCompany Premises03-DecNo Criteria
113Evolvus Solutions (2nd Drive)1.8 LakhsCompany Premises3 & 4 DecNo Criteria
1143D PLM Software3.4 LakhsCompany Premises04-DecNo Criteria
115Tangoe India Softek Services Pvt Ltd3.2 LakhsCompany Premises09-DecNo Criteria
1163D PLM Software (2nd Drive)3.4 LakhsCompany Premises12-DecNo Criteria
117Evolving Systems Networks India Pvt LtdIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises12-DecNo Criteria
118Vmoksha Technologies Private LimitedIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises17-DecNo Criteria
119Xsysys Technologies Pvt Ltd2.6 LakhsCompany Premises19-DecNo Criteria
120Digital Juice Animations Pvt Ltd2.4 LakhsCompany Premises21-DecNo Criteria
1213D PLM Software (3rd Drive)3.4 LakhsCompany Premises24-DecNo Criteria
122Evolving Systems Networks India Pvt LtdIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises24-DecNo Criteria
123Tech MahindraIndustry Standard SalaryJIT29 & 30 DecNo Criteria
124ThinkCore Technologies1.8 LakhsCompany Premises01-JanNo Criteria
125Pole To Win(4th Drive)Industry Standard SalaryCompany Premises8 & 9 JanNo Criteria
126Sofftrends Software Pvt LtdIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises12 & 13 JanNo Criteria
127CRMIT Solutions2.4 LakhsCompany Premises23-JanNo Criteria
128Sofftrends Software Pvt Ltd (2nd Drive)Industry Standard SalaryCompany Premises27, 28 & 29 JanNo Criteria
129Unisys Global Services2.8 - 3 LakhsCompany Premises29-JanNo Criteria
130DMX Technologies2.6 - 3.5 LakhsABC Office30-JanNo Criteria
131Unisys Global Services (2nd Drive)2.8 - 3 LakhsCompany Premises31-JanNo Criteria
132IBMIndustry Standard SalarySJBIT1 & 2 FebNo Criteria
133Evolving Systems Networks India Pvt Ltd (2nd Drive)Industry Standard SalaryCompany Premises2 & 3 FebNo Criteria
134Tangoe India Softek Services Pvt Ltd (2nd Drive)3.2 LakhsCompany Premises03-FebNo Criteria
135Versatile Tech (6th Drive)2.1 LakhsABC Office04-FebNo Criteria
136Saturam Technology Pvt Ltd2 - 4 LakhsABC Office05-FebNo Criteria
137SLK Software (2nd Drive)2.2 LakhsCompany Premises07-FebNo Criteria
138CRMIT Solutions (2nd Drive)2.4 LakhsCompany Premises07-FebNo Criteria
139Trigent Software2.05 LakhsCompany Premises13-FebNo Criteria
140Evolving Systems Networks India Pvt Ltd (2nd Drive)Industry Standard SalaryCompany Premises14-FebNo Criteria
1413D PLM Software (4th Drive)3.4 LakhsCompany Premises13, 16 & 18 FebNo Criteria
142Bhea Knowledge TechnologiesIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises20-FebNo Criteria
143Versatile Tech (7th Drive)2.1 LakhsCompany Premises25-FebNo Criteria
144Rev Tech Solutions India Pvt LtdIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises25-FebNo Criteria
145Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd7.5 LakhsABC Office26-FebNo Criteria
146Nurture Software SolutionsIndustry Standard SalarySJBIT02-MarNo Criteria
147Aricent3.4 LakhsSJBIT05-MarNo Criteria
148Experis ITIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises06-MarNo Criteria
149Therefore IndiaIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises07-MarNo Criteria
150Universal Tech LabsIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises07-MarNo Criteria
151Retail OnIndustry Standard SalarySJBIT09-MarNo Criteria
152L & T Technology ServicesIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises13-MarNo Criteria
153Mphasis2.5 LakhsJIT14-MarNo Criteria
154Optimum Solutions ( For FaceBook )2.5 - 3 LakhsABC Office17-MarNo Criteria
1553D PLM Software (4th Drive)3.9 LakhsCompany Premises20-MarNo Criteria
1563D PLM Software (4th Drive)3.9 LakhsCompany Premises23 & 24 MarNo Criteria
157Mobinius Technologies Pvt. Ltd.3 LakhsCompany Premises23 & 24 MarNo Criteria
158Universal Tech LabsIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises28-MarNo Criteria
159Versatile Tech (8th Drive)Industry Standard SalaryCompany Premises30-MarNo Criteria
160Foal TechnologiesIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises31-MarNo Criteria
161PeolIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises02-AprNo Criteria
162Versatile Tech (9th Drive)Industry Standard SalaryCompany Premises02-AprNo Criteria
163IZMO LTDIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises02-AprNo Criteria
164Mobinius Technologies Pvt. Ltd.3 LakhsCompany Premises2, 3 & 9 AprNo Criteria
165Unisys Global ServicesIndustry Standard SalaryCompany Premises09-AprNo Criteria
166Preva SystemsIndustry Standard SalaryABC Office20-AprNo Criteria
167Global Automation India Private Limited3 LakhsSJBIT24-AprNo Criteria
168Athena Health5.73 LakhsSJBIT25 & 26 AprNo Criteria
169I Exceed Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd3.5 LakhsCompany Premises02-MayNo Criteria
170Alchemy Solutions(247)(3rd Drive)5.5 LakhsCompany Premises06-MayNo Criteria
171Subex4 LakhsCompany Premises11-MayNo Criteria
172Avankia (3rd Drive)Industry Standard SalarySJBIT15-MayNo Criteria